85th Global History Seminar

16:00-18:00   22 Nov 2019 

Dai-Kaigishitsu, Graduate School of letters, Osaka University

Johannes Preiser-Kapeller(Austrian Academy of Sciences)

Empire, Collapse and Ecology. A comparative view across Afro-Eurasia during “Long Late Antiquity” (4th-11th century CE)


84th Global History Seminar

13:00-14:30   23 Oct 2019 

Dai-kaigishitsu, Graduate School of letters, Osaka University

Shihan de Silve Jayasuriya (University of London)

"Emerging Afro-ASians: Forgotten Histories"


83th Global History Seminar

16:30-18:30    11 Oct 2019  

Shigaku Kyodo Kenkyushitsu, Graduate School of letters, Osaka University

Sakai Kazuomi (Kyushu Sangyo University)

「知のグローバルヒストリーへ 文明国標準と国際主義」

Globalizing University History Education:

Diversity, Trans-borders and Intersectionality   

 5-6 August 2019 Osaka University Nakanoshima Center             Read more



​Global History Seminar


Institute for Open and Transdisciplinary Research Initiatives, Osaka University

Global History Division



The Practice of Global History

Nuffield College, University of Oxford

29-30 September 2017

AWAJI Workshop       for the 2018 Conference in China

3-5 June 2016

Global History  International Workshop

“Globalization from East Asian Perspectives”

15-17 March, 2016


Creating Global History from Asian Perspectives


Edited by Shigeru AKITA

Minerva Publishing

November, 2013

4500 yen  

The East Asian Journal

of British History Vol.5

East Asian Society of  British History

March, 2016

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