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Awaji Workshop for the 2018 Conference in China

AWAJI Workshop for the 2018 Conference in China”   (3rd-5th June 2016)

             Venue: Awaji International Conference-centre---“YUMEBUTAI”





3rd June (Friday):

    13:00—15:00     ‘On 2018 Conference theme’ 

    HAN Dongyu and LIU Xiaodong (Northeast Normal University, China)


   15:30---17:00       ‘The launch of World History Studies’  (tentative)

    ZHANG Shunhong (Institute for World History, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)


   17:00---18:00     General discussion for 2018 Conference


4th June (Saturday):

     9:00----10:30  “Creating Global History from Asian Perspectives---Osaka’s case”

     Shigeru Akita (Osaka University)  


     10:30---12:00  “Creating World/Global History from Southeast Asian Perspectives”

     LIU Hong  (Nangyang Technological University, Singapore)


    13:30---15:30  “World History from an Islamic Perspective: Motives, Theses and Challenges”

     Ahmed Ibrahim Abushouk (Qatar University)


    16:00---18:00    “Creating World/Global Intellectual History----Experiences of Flying University”

     Jie-Hyun Lim  (Sogan University, Korea)


5th June (Sunday):

      9:30---10:30   “The Challenges of Publishing ARWH in Difficult Times”  

      Rila Mukherjee (University of Hyderabad, India)


      1030---12:00   Final General Discussion

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